Fortnite was developed and released in 2017 by Epic Games. This online video game took the world by storm and had millions of players worldwide. It is available on PlayStation, Android, Xbox, and many other platforms. The game is played by many professional gamers and is even featured in tournaments. When playing at a professional level, you must have the right settings and crosshair options to get an advantage over other gamers. Here are the best pro settings to use on Fortnite.

Configs for Fortnite

The mouse config is a vital part of the setup as it determines your accuracy and overall performance in the game. The mouse should have a high DPI setting to help aim at targets and navigate through the map easily. It will come in handy when playing the royale mode of the game. The DPI settings are complemented by the sensitivity ratings on the mouse. The mouse should be sensitive enough to adjust your position easily and take on targets more conveniently.

The sensitivity settings should be balanced between the Y-Axis and X-Axis sensitivity. This will make the mouse easy to change directions as you use it. You can track your enemies regardless of the direction they take while playing under these configurations. The eDPI should also be lower as getting one that is too high will limit the performance of the mouse and result in an overall unreliable experience.

In-Game Settings for Fortnite

Fortnite, just like any competitive first-person shooter game, requires that you have high frame rates. When you have a high FPS measure, you can follow the game better and navigate through the map easily. It also lets you spot your rivals as they hide, and the minimum reading should be at 60FPS. The higher frame rates will also give you a smooth image quality, and you can enjoy the game even more.

You should always use the fullscreen mode when playing, and the resolution should be at 1080p. This is very convenient whether you are a gamer or a streamer as you can have better picture quality, making the gameplay better. You must have a powerful and dedicated video card to achieve these high settings. The monitor in your setup should have a 240Hz refresh rate rating, allowing you to get the most from the video card. The rating ensures you always have the best clarity as you play.

Fortnite Crosshair

These are the settings on the aim and will determine your accuracy level. You should set the crosshair at medium to ensure you still have better visuals on your target. This will also allow you to get cleaner shots and thus higher points in the game.

You can set the crosshair colors as light as possible to ensure they don’t distract you as you play or block your targets. The crosshair should blend well with the game graphics for the best performance. The thickness should also be medium to ensure you can maintain a high accuracy as you use it.