Valorant is a first-person shooter that was released by Riot Games in 2020. The tactical shooter game has a Multiplayer option that lets you play with your friends and other gamers worldwide. The game has attracted numerous professional players, and it is being included in professional tournaments. You should have the correct settings on the game to achieve a better gaming experience. It will also boost your gaming performance and allow you to play at a professional level.

Valorant Crosshair settings

Valorant allows you to make changes to the crosshair depending on your gaming needs. It is thus easy to select one that works best for you, which will boost your accuracy. You can now choose the best crosshair settings that will give you a competitive edge over other gamers.

The perfect crosshair should be of medium size. This will ensure you don’t block the view on your target. It will also allow you to get more headshots in the game, and these have higher points in the game. The crosshair color also depends on the overall color of the game world you are playing in.

Valorant allows you to change the firing error option and movement error options on every layer of the cross-hair. This will make the cross-hair dynamic and better for your gaming experience, making your accuracy better. These settings on the cross-hair will give you better accuracy while preventing distractions as you play.

In-Game Valorant settings

The video settings on Valorant will depend on the graphics card in your setup. When playing the game professionally, you have to maximize the framerates output from your setup. You can thus use a 240Hz monitor to give you higher clarity and a better gaming experience.

Another important configuration to have in your setup is a high-performance graphics card, as it will allow you to get the high frame rates and make the most from the in-game settings you apply on Valorant.

You should also have a mouse with high precision, and that allows you to hit every target you focus on. It is vital to ensure your sensitivity settings allow you to move to any desired direction easily as you evade enemies or take shots. The mouse configuration should be at an average of 286 for an easy 360-degree turn whenever you play. The config on the scope sensitivity should be at 0.97 for a better feeling and result whenever you use a scoped weapon.

Configs for Valorant

An important configuration to make on the game regards its minimap. The minimap you use will depend on the visual clarity you want to achieve and your overall gameplay. The best config on the minimap is to have it rotate as you get to know where your rivals are concentrated. You should also disable the keep player-centered option as it will make it harder to understand the map as it rotates.

The zoom on the map and its overall size will determine the clarity you achieve. Ensure these readings are similar for the right balance. These are the settings and configurations used by professionals when playing Valorant.