How To Enable Prime in CSGO

How To Enable Prime in CSGO

How To Enable Prime in CSGO: An Ultimate Guide

If you are an avid player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), you may have heard about Prime matchmaking. Prime is a feature that was introduced to enhance the competitive experience by reducing the number of cheaters and smurfs (experienced players using alternate accounts to dominate lower-ranked players). In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to enable Prime in CSGO, ensuring a more enjoyable and fair gaming experience.

1. Achieve the Minimum Level Requirement

Before you can enable Prime in CSGO, you must reach a minimum profile level of 21. This requirement aims to ensure that players have invested enough time in the game and are less likely to indulge in cheating activities. Gaining experience points (XP) is primarily done through playing matches, completing missions, or by purchasing the CSGO Prime Status Upgrade from the Steam Store.

2. Link Your Phone Number

Linking your phone number to your Steam account adds an additional layer of security and is mandatory to enable Prime matchmaking. To do this, follow these steps:

– Open your Steam client and go to your profile.

– Click on “Edit Profile” and select “My Privacy Settings.”

– Locate the “Phone Number” section and click on “Add a phone number.”

– Enter your phone number and click on “Next.”

– You will receive a verification code via SMS. Enter the code in the designated field and click on “Verify.”

3. Activate Prime Status

Once you have achieved the minimum level and linked your phone number, you can now enable Prime in CSGO. There are two ways to activate Prime Status:

A. Through CSGO Prime Status Upgrade:

– Open CSGO and click on the “Play” tab.

– Select “Find a Game” and then click on “Prime Matchmaking.”

– You will be prompted to purchase the CSGO Prime Status Upgrade from the Steam Store.

– Complete the purchase, and once it’s done, Prime matchmaking will be enabled for your account.

B. Via Mobile Authenticator:

– Open your Steam mobile app and go to the “Steam Guard” section.

– Tap on “Add Authenticator” and complete the process to enable the mobile authenticator.

– Once the mobile authenticator is active, open CSGO and go to the “Play” tab.

– Select “Find a Game” and then click on “Prime Matchmaking.”

– You will be prompted to enable Prime for your account, which will link it to your mobile authenticator.

– Follow the instructions on the screen, including entering the current authentication code from your mobile app, to complete the process.

4. Enjoy Prime Matchmaking

After successfully enabling Prime, you can now enjoy the benefits of Prime matchmaking. Prime players are exclusively matched with other Prime players, reducing the likelihood of encountering cheaters and smurfs.

Note: It’s important to remember that enabling Prime doesn’t completely eradicate the possibility of encountering cheaters, as they may still find ways to bypass the security measures. However, it significantly decreases the chances and improves the overall matchmaking experience.

So, follow these steps and a fairer, more enjoyable matchmaking journey awaits you in CSGO. Enable Prime today and embrace the game at its best!