How To Freeze Time in CSGO

How To Freeze Time in CSGO

How To Freeze Time in CSGO

Welcome to our blog at! Today, we’re going to share an important tactic that every Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) player should know – how to freeze time in the game. This technique allows you to gain an advantage over your opponents by disrupting their strategies and creating confusion. Let’s dive in and learn how to freeze time in CSGO!

1. Enable Cheats

In order to freeze time, you first need to enable cheats in your CSGO settings. To do this, open your game console by pressing the “~” key and type “sv_cheats 1” (without the quotes) and hit Enter. This command will enable cheats for your current session.

2. Open the Console

Once cheats are enabled, you need to open the console again. Press the “~” key to open it and type “mp_pause_match 1” (without the quotes) and hit Enter. This command will pause the game, effectively freezing the time for all players.

3. Utilize the Frozen Time

When the game is frozen, you have the advantage of analyzing the current situation and planning your next move without any time pressure. Take this opportunity to communicate with your teammates, discuss strategy, and come up with clever tactics to outsmart your opponents.

Additionally, freezing time can be used strategically to disrupt your opponents’ plans. It creates confusion and forces them to adapt to the sudden change in dynamics. This can be particularly effective when the enemy is executing a well-coordinated rush or when they are about to plant the bomb.

4. Unfreeze Time

If you want to unfreeze time and resume the game, open the console again and type “mp_unpause_match” (without the quotes) followed by Enter. This command will unfreeze the game and allow the flow of time to resume.

5. Note the Limitations

It’s important to note that freezing time using cheats can only be done in offline or private server matches. It cannot be used in competitive matchmaking or official tournaments, as enabling cheats is strictly prohibited in those environments.

Keep in mind that fair play and sportsmanship are essential in gaming. Cheating or exploiting glitches in an unfair manner can ruin the integrity of the game and ruin the experience for other players. So, use this tactic responsibly and only in appropriate settings.


Freezing time in CSGO can be a game-changing tactic if used strategically. By enabling cheats, opening the console, and using the “mp_pause_match” command, you can pause the game and create a tactical advantage for yourself and your team. Remember to employ this technique responsibly and only in offline or private server matches. Happy freezing, and may your CSGO skills continue to improve!