How To Not Scope After Shot in CSGO

How To Not Scope After Shot in CSGO

How To Not Scope After Shot in CSGO

Welcome to another blog post on, where we share valuable tips and strategies to help you improve your gameplay in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). Today, we will be discussing a common mistake that many players make – scoping after a shot.

What is scoping after a shot?

Before diving into how to avoid scoping after a shot, let’s understand what it means. Scoping after a shot refers to the habit of staying scoped in with your sniper rifle after firing a shot. Many players tend to stay scoped in to watch the result of their shot or for a potential follow-up kill, instead of immediately unscoping and repositioning.

Why is it bad for your gameplay?

Scoping after a shot can be detrimental to your gameplay for several reasons:

1. Limited vision: When you are scoped in, your field of vision drastically decreases. It makes it harder to spot enemies coming from other angles, leaving you vulnerable to surprise attacks.

2. Limited mobility: Being scoped in restricts your movement speed and makes it difficult to quickly reposition yourself. This can be a significant disadvantage when an opponent rushes or flanks you.

3. Slow reaction time: If you stay scoped in after taking a shot, you need to unscope first before you can fire again. This delay can give your opponent the upper hand, especially if they are already prepared to take the next shot.

How to avoid scoping after a shot:

Now that you understand the drawbacks of scoping after a shot, let’s explore some tips to break this habit and improve your gameplay:

1. Practice unscoping: It may sound simple, but actively practicing unscoping after a shot can train your muscle memory to react quickly. Spend time in aim maps or deathmatch servers to practice firing a shot and immediately unscoping, regardless of whether you hit your target or not.

2. Develop game sense: Work on your game sense and map awareness to anticipate enemy movements and positions. By having a good understanding of where opponents are likely to come from, you can pre-aim and react faster without the need to stay scoped in after taking a shot.

3. Work on positioning: Positioning is key in CSGO. Instead of relying solely on your scope, position yourself in advantageous spots where you have a wider field of vision. This way, you won’t feel the need to stay scoped in after each shot, as you will already have good visibility around you.

4. Communicate with your team: Effective communication with your teammates can help you gather information about enemy positions and movements. This way, you can plan your shots better and be more decisive in unscoping and repositioning.


Breaking the habit of scoping after a shot in CSGO is crucial for improving your gameplay. By unscoping immediately and focusing on positioning and game sense, you can enhance your visibility, mobility, and reaction time. Remember to practice consistently and communicate with your team to maximize your potential in every match. Good luck, and see you in the game!