How To Vote Kick Yourself in CSGO

How To Vote Kick Yourself in CSGO

How To Vote Kick Yourself in CSGO: A Comprehensive Guide

Greetings, fellow Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players! Today, we’re going to dive into an interesting topic that might puzzle some of you: How to vote kick yourself in CSGO. While it might seem like an odd desire, there are valid reasons players might have for wanting to initiate their own removal from a match. Whether you need to leave due to an emergency or personal reasons, understanding this process can save you valuable time. Let’s explore the steps involved.

The Importance of Communication

Before proceeding with the process, it’s essential to communicate your intention to your teammates. It’s essential to let them know why you need to leave the game and inform them that voting to kick you is the best solution. Remember to be polite and respectful to maintain a positive gaming experience for everyone.

Knowing the Console

CSGO provides players with a console that allows for various commands and settings adjustments. In order to vote kick yourself, you’ll need to have the console enabled. To activate the console, go to your game settings and navigate to the “Game” tab. Check the box that says “Enable Developer Console (~).” Now you can proceed to the next step.

Proceeding with the Vote Kick

Once you have the console enabled, you can bring it up in-game by pressing the (~) key. In the console, type the command “callvote kick” followed by your in-game name. For example, if your name is JohnDoe, the command would look like this:

callvote kick JohnDoe

Press Enter to execute the command. This initiates a vote among all players in the match, including yourself, initiating the kick process. Your teammates will now receive a prompt asking them to cast their vote.

Tallying the Votes

Once the vote kick process begins, all players in the match will be given an option to vote on your removal. Generally, a majority vote is required, meaning more players need to agree to kick you than keep you in the game. As you cast your vote along with everyone else, pay attention to the chatbox to monitor the results.

Dealing with the Outcome

If the vote passes and you are successfully kicked from the match, your game will end, and you’ll be returned to the main menu. Take this time to address your urgent matters, reminding yourself that sportsmanship and respectful behavior are essential in the gaming community.


Learning how to vote kick yourself in CSGO can be useful if you find yourself in a situation where you need to depart from a match unexpectedly. However, we encourage you to use this option sparingly and responsibly. Remember that cooperation and communication are vital to maintaining a healthy gaming environment for all players. Safe gaming, everyone!