The Best PRO Configs & Settings for eSports

Get access to the best eSports configs and settings to take your gaming to the next level

Pro Esports Configs & Settings

Esports are competitions that involve playing video games on a professional level. The games are played in international tournaments that involve categories for solo gamers or teams. Here, the professional players get to compete with other gamers in multiplayer competitions. The video game culture has grown steadily over the years, and more games are now included in the competition. The number of professional gamers has also risen, making esports a high-stakes competition.

The most common genres in esports include first-person shooter games, fighting games, battle arena games, and many more. Some of the most popular game titles include Counter-Strike, Fortnite, Valorant, and many more. Players come from worldwide to compete in these games and bag the huge rewards offered. As esports develops in more countries, gamers always want to have a competitive advantage over other players. One of the ways to achieve this is by using professional settings in the game and on your hardware. These are some esports settings you can use on the games.


The settings you use on the game will depend on its genre, as first-person shooters will have a different setting from royale games. These settings will affect the game’s hardware, and you should ensure they are tuned to work well with the game. Some of the important settings on first-person shooter games involve the mouse. You should always have a responsive mouse with a high eDPI for easy navigation on the mouse.

The zoom sensitivity and mouse sensitivity should also be high enough to make it easy to use scoped weapons. It will improve your accuracy, and you can hit targets easily. The monitor settings also play a huge role in hardware settings on eSports.

You should have a monitor with a high refresh rate to ensure you get impressive picture quality. Always set the Aspect ratio at 16:9 regardless of the game, as it pairs well with the fullscreen setting on the game. Ensure the brightness and contrast levels balance well to give you good picture quality.


These are the in-game settings you use to give you a competitive edge over other pro gamers. These settings will vary from one gamer to another and depend on the game you are playing. Fighting games will have lesser in-game settings compared to first-person shooter games. It is, however, standard to ensure you always have the highest resolution on the game.

You should also get a dedicated graphics card as it lets you hit high frame rates, and you can get the most from your monitor. It will also boost the clarity as you play, allowing you to see your targets and rivals.

It is also vital to look into the shader options and display textures. These are common across all games and will determine the overall picture quality you get on the game. Set these at low and increase the player contrast of the game.

It will make it easier to distinguish you and other gamers from the rest of the terrain, and you can thus have better shots. These are the most reliable eSports settings that will guide you to becoming a professional gamer.